We believe that the feeling you get when you climb into incredibly soft, luscious bedding at a 5 star hotel should be experienced by everyone.

That’s why we started Sleep Temple.

Transform the way you sleep

Single Ply Yarns

Single Ply and Multi Ply Yarn Comparison Chart

Perfect Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. To calculate thread count you simply add the number of vertical and horizontal threads together.

Here's the problem... many manufacturers deliberately use multi ply yarns to stuff the fabric with as many threads as possible. This inflates the thread count. Thread counts advertised as above 400 are usually low quality multi ply sheets!

We don't need to inflate our thread count. We offer incredibly soft and breathable single ply bed sheets which feel light as a feather.

Sateen Weave

Instead of a one yarn under one yarn over pattern, a sateen weave uses a one yarn under, three yarns or four yarns over pattern.

The construction of Sateen Weave sheets allows more surface area for a much softer and smooth feel. A Sateen Weave sheet set is very wrinkle resistant, soft-to-the-touch resulting in a luxurious nights sleep.

Sateen Weave Comparison

It's the little things that count...

We believe that making the bed shouldn't be a chore. So we made it a little easier for you (applies to our entire Australian Made Range)

Helpful Hints

We've added long and short tags on our fitted sheets so that making the bed is a piece of cake.

Easy Open / Close Zips

Our Quilt Covers feature an easy to access zip - because who needs buttons anyway.

Super Strong Stitching

Our extra strong stitching means that your sheets will last longer.

Free Shipping -

All orders Australian wide, no minimum spend required. Express shipping options available.

Payment Methods -

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Paypal & Afterpay also accepted.

Returns & Refunds -

You can return any item purchased on Sleep Temple within 30 days provided it meets our returns policy.

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