Why we're different

Our core values in which we established our business on and continue to expand on.

1. Comfort is king

We don't hide behind absurdly high thread counts or claim to have any new miracle materials. We simply provide extremely soft and comfortable Cotton and Bamboo fabric bedding directly to you.


 2. It's the little things that  count

From the handy tags on our fitted  sheets which show you which are  the long and short sides, to the fun unboxing experience our customers love, we strive to create happiness whenever we can.

3. Efficiency cuts costs

From our 'no retail stores' policy to our relationships with our manufacturers and speedy couriers. We know that the more efficient we are, the more savings we can pass onto you.

4. Customer experience is vital

We want you to love shopping with Sleep Temple. Our customer support team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you have.

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